This website is small Cattery Website of Exotic cats located in Japan.

Welcome to FULLBLOOM Cattery Website!
Cattery Fullbloom Exotic
I'm glad to welcome you on the web-page of my small cattery. We are breeding Exotic . My cattery is located in Aichi in Japan. I'm breeding Exotic Shorthair Cats since 2004 year. My cattery has rgistered in CFA as FULLBLOOM.

We strive to produce healthy, happier, well-socialized kittens, raised in a loving environment.
We do not keep our cats or kittens in a cage, because our philosophy is that our cats are like humans, they deserve to be free.

For this reason all my cats live in house with us as the members of my family. You take a look from time to time on our AVAILABLEPAGE to see if we have kittens... If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them.




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